Pose star Angelica Ross thought she met the man of her dreams. But that didn't last long. Thanks to some detective work from the internet, the actress found out that she was being played.

Ross first went to Twitter on Wednesday to announce her newfound relationship, saying she had to distance herself from her new man because of the coronavirus. 

"Finally found him and have to distance myself from him, an early test we’re committed to passing. I miss you B," she wrote. 

Turns out, this distance would soon become permanent. Fans conducted an investigation to find out that the man, whose identity has not been confirmed, has a kid and is engaged. The actress confirmed the internet's detective work in another tweet.

"The internet is AMAZING," she wrote. "I’ve been talking to the mother of his son and fiancé all morning."

One of Ross' fans summed up the drama to those who may have been confused.

"For those who don't get it. Queen Angelica found this man and was dating," the fan tweeted. "She posted this on Twitter and we all REJOICED in excitement. Twitter FBI probably saw the tweet and told Angelica this man has a kid and is engaged. Angelica was talking to his fiancé all morning."

The 39-year-old actress replied to the fan, saying "basically."

After getting the disappointing news, Ross first planned to come back with vengeance on Instagram.  

 “Think I might just spill the full tea on my IG live tonight," she wrote. "With a bottle of…[insert sponsored drink].” 

But the actress soon changed her plans.

"After talking with my girl @KingAmiyahScott, I realize I am not in any condition to go LIVE on my IG tonight," she wrote. "Going to pray about it instead." 

Ross' fans not only completed the investigation but also provided some comfort to the actress after her heartbreak.

"Like do you need us to ride out sis?! Quarantine be damned lol he can go!!!!" one fan wrote. 

"What’s his @? Drop his location!" another person said.

"Yes ma’am, pick that head up. when do we ride??? now or later???" one fan added.

The Pose star is clearly grateful for her fans. 

"Y’all are providing me with some very VERY much needed laughs right now!" she wrote. 

The 39-year-old hosted the national 2020 presidential candidate forum on LGBTQ issues last year, becoming the first trans person to host a presidential debate, as Blavity previously reported