Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer who shot and killed Botham Jean, was allegedly given time to able to clean up her social media, the Atlanta Black Star reports. However, it seems she missed a spot that could affect her case.

Lee Merritt, the Jean family’s attorney, told journalist Jordan Chariton that Guyger forgot to delete a Pinterest account that contains disturbing content.

“She bragged about being violent, being short tempered,” Merritt said. “She bragged about use of force and she spoke out adamantly against things like kneeling and said the NFL died of ‘Colin’ [Kaepernick] cancer.”

Guyger also promoted a “one shot, one kill” policy and said everyone was “lucky” if she made it through a week without killing someone.

Merritt says police officers who wind up in trouble often delete their social media to help build a story that works in their favor.

“It’s quite common in cases of law enforcement officers. And we’re dealing with cases very similar to the murder of Botham where law enforcement officers are given every break, every leeway possible,” he said.

“They’re given a chance when there’s body camera footage to review that, to craft their narrative around it, [and] to scrub their social media.”

Guyger was charged with manslaughter for shooting the St. Lucia native in his Dallas home on September 6. Guyger claims she went to Jean’s apartment by accident and thought he was an intruder in her home. She was fired from the department on September 24.

Dallas Police and the District Attorney’s office have refused to release autopsy information and a tape of Guyger’s 911 call to curb pre-trial publicity, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Jean’s parents have met with the DA to discuss the case. They have refused to provide any details about the meeting but seem satisfied with the case’s progression.

"They have been quite thorough in their investigation," said Allison Jean, his mother. "I'm comfortable that all of the evidence and the work that they have been doing throughout the investigation will lead to what is the right thing."

Guyger’s case will be sent to a grand jury who will make the final decision about her charges.