President Biden is tapping in TikTokers to help sway the public’s opinion on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while keeping Gen-Zers informed on what’s going on. 

The White House briefed 30 popular TikTokers last week about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine via Zoom. The Washington Post reports that National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave TikTok stars vital information about the unfolding war, including some of the United States’ strategic goals in the region. 

During the call, the staffers and Psaki answered questions on distributing aid to Ukrainians, working with The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and how the U.S. would react to the Russian military using nuclear weapons.  

In response to TikTok‘s rise as a dominant news source for Gen-Zers, the White House has approached a select group of its most influential users.

Jules Suzdaltsev, a Ukrainian-born creator who runs the news account “Good Morning, Bad News,” was on the call and hailed the meeting for acknowledging the app’s influence and creators’ ability to connect with a broad audience, the Insider reports.

“It gets such a wide reach, especially among young people who are interested in news,” Suzdaltsev, who has over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, said. “TikTok is a really good platform for news, which is to say that there are a lot of really talented news creators on the app.”

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Other creators invited to the meeting include Kahlil Greene, a self-described “Gen-Z Historian” with over 500,000 followers, and Marcus DiPaola, a news TikToker with over 3.5 million followers. 


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