We are in the final days of President Barack Obama's second term presidency. While some of you may feel disillusioned or even teary-eyed at the fact that our first black President is leaving the White House, trust and believe, he's getting his entire life at every possible occasion

The President hosted BET's "Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience" event Friday night on the South Lawn of the White House, bringing true soul to the nation's capital. Big name artists like Janelle Monae, The Roots, Jill Scott, Bell Biv DeVoe, De La Soul and many more brought down the house with epic performances

Usher also performed, and on his way out the door, gave social media a glimpse at all the excitement. President Obama is really in the moment as Drake's Hotline Bling blares from the speakers, he can't help but give way to the beat. Usher caught the magic on his phone

Okay, Barry! We see you.

Angie Martinez posted this selfie at the end of the night proving it was truly LIT.

This marks President Obama and First lady Michelle's final musical event at the White House. We're gonna miss this. In his own words, "It's gone be alright."

BET's “Love & Happiness” concert debuts on November 15

Check out a snippet from the night.

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