President Trump Returns Home To NYC, Anti-Unite The Right Protesters Meet Him With 'What's Good?'

The "not my president" president was welcomed home with rancor.

Trump Tower protestors
Photo Credit: Photo: Twitter

| August 15 2017,

6:45 pm

They say you can never go home.

Welp, President Donald Trump certainly came home to that rude awakening when he returned to his posh Manhattan skyscraper and was met with chaos: a huge group of anti-Unite the Right protesters yelling, “Not my president!”

Trump was under fire over the weekend for what many felt was a tepid response to the terror attack in Charlottesville.

While Trump did eventually directly scold white supremacists groups by calling them “criminals and thugs” and saying, “racism is evil,” for many, it was too little too late. Trump was criticized for not stepping up immediately and folks even criticized his use of a teleprompter when he finally did speak.

Protesters heading 6th Avenue now. Destination Trump Tower. A post shared by Joy-Ann Reid (@joyannreid) on

Thousands of protesters far and wide gathered around Trump Tower, condemning the president:

Oh, and just in case you thought white supremacists could steal our joy? Think again!