No commentary from me on this one. I'll just post the details, and you guys can talk amongst yourselves if you'd like. 

Titled Runaway Slave (which is attention-getting enough), the documentary was directed by Pritchett Cotten, and stars former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant – former president of NAACP's Garland, Texas, who is now a leading Tea Party activist, and has actually defended the group against accusations of racism, and who accused Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” Trayvon Martin‘s death to “racially divide this country," earlier this year.

Just some background info, so you have some idea of the minds behind this film.

The doc's synopsis reads:

Runaway Slave is a compelling, insightful look at how government policies have systematically re-enslaved the black population in the United States. Through entitlements and other government programs, a perpetual state of welfare exists, creating what can only be described as a form of modern slavery for a large percentage of the African-American community. The documentary features Rev. C.L. Bryant, who proudly refers to himself as a “runaway slave.” This former NAACP chapter president left the organization after concluding its goals were more about political posturing than actual civil rights. Along with interviews with leading black conservatives, the film is a history lesson not being taught in the public schools and a revealing look at legislation aimed at curbing and controlling the black population. The question the movie dares to ask: “Are African Americans truly ‘free at last’?”

Its website says that it'll be in theaters on July 27, although I couldn't tell which cities. Howevern its Facebook page (which boasts over 8,000 fans) shows that it's actually been playing in theaters around the country for the last month or so, maybe those are preview screenings. It's not immediately clear based on available info.

Maybe some of you have actually seen it.

Watch the trailer below: