The streets of Washington, D.C. have been blocked off as Pro-Trump groups once again convened to protest 2020 election results. 

According to event permits issued by the National Park Service, the two rallies, held by the Million MAGA March and Women for America First, note a combined expected attendance of more than 15,000 participants, according to NBC Washington.

Five people have already been arrested even before the 11 a.m. start time of the contemporaneous events which are scheduled to run until 3 p.m. The roads will remain blocked until 11:59 p.m. 

The groups have taken to the nation's capital just ahead of the Electoral College's official vote on Monday, to continue their "Stop the Steal" campaign in an improbable attempt to prove that President Donald Trump has not indeed lost the election. 

The soon to be ousted 45th president has of course taken to Twitter to show his immense pride in his supporters. 

"Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them," Trump wrote on Twitter.