For years, Bryan-Michael Cox has helped create some of fans’ favorite R&B songs. Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz are among the artists that have received production and songwriting help from him. But Bryan recently shared a song of his own on his Soundcloud page, and it doesn’t disappoint.

There are videos of Bryan in the studio where he can be seen making a beat and coming up with a melody, so a full song from him isn’t a complete surprise. However, “Verbatim” is his first offering as a vocalist. The song was produced by Bryan and Sam Thomas.

On it, Bryan talks about a girl that moved on from him after he refrained from committing to her. He seems to accept his mistakes in some of his lyrics, but he ultimately regrets driving her away. Bryan sings, “Cause I said to you verbatim/I could not be bound to only you/You said good girls always waited/and you were not gon’ find somebody now/I guess you showed me, yes you did babe.”

The production is up-tempo, driven by the drums and hand claps heard at the start as well as the bass that comes in shortly after. Bryan’s vocals are more than respectable throughout the song. He layers them in select moments and brings his falsetto into the mix during the bridge.

The artwork for the song includes the words, “The Thirteenth Letter, Volume One.” This seems like the title of a project, so hopefully Bryan will be delivering more music of his own in the near future. Fans can check out his Periscope for previews of music he’s working on. The song that has been released so far, “Verbatim,” shows that Bryan has the ability to make the successful transition that has been made by artists like Ryan Leslie and The-Dream.

Listen to the song above and make sure to keep up with Bryan’s work!

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