After the fatal shooting of a man believed to be a local barber, Chicago residents took to the streets in a series of protests demanding answers. 

On July 14, around 6:30 p.m., three to four officers encountered a man in the South Shore neighborhood that they claimed exhibited characteristics of an armed person. They approached him, a confrontation ensued and a police offer shot him according to ABC 7 Chicago

"Some officers working a foot post, walking along 71st Street, saw a subject they thought might have been armed from the bulge around his waistband," Chicago Police Chief Fred Waller said at a press conference Saturday night.

The victim was pronounced dead at Jackson Park Hospital, according to officials, and has identity has yet to be confirmed. Heavy reports the victim is a man by the name of Harith Augustus, also known as “Snoop.”

In the vicinity of the shooting, protesters began to gather and clash with authorities. Protests went well into the night. Reporter Nader Issa captured video of police attacking a protester with batons, using what could be perceived as excessive force. 

Journalists on the ground reported a number of instances where unnecessary violence took place. At one point, police K-9s were used to confront the demonstrators. 

ABC News reports police found a semiautomatic-type weapon and magazines on the victim. The officer responsible for the shooting will be placed on desk duty as an internal investigation is underway.


The victim's name is Harith Augustus (aka, Snoop).

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