How often do you leave music reviews, or debate whether or not the latest album release was worth the listen? Now, Pusha-T is connecting with Summer Watson, a tech entrepreneur, to create a music app geared towards rewarding fans for their reactions to albums reports Billboard. 

The app is titled Heir and users can rate a record by choosing between a skull or fire emoji, representing whether they found the album good or bad. If a user’s choice coincides with the majority of other’s opinion, they are awarded a cryptocurrency called Crown. As a user’s Crown points accumulate, they are open to cashing out for real money, or using their points to buy prizes such as access to an artist’s tour or record releases, Complex reports. 

“We believe that when everyone eats, everyone wins,” Heir’s website says. 

However, if a user votes against the grain – meaning they vote in the opposite way the majority votes – then they loose Crown points. 

In addition to everyday users, artists are able to participate in the app by buying the ratings of top voters. They may not pay a user to vote them up, but they will be able to vote for a user to vote in general, which draws attention to their album. It is not mandatory for requested users to vote and may decline offers if they so choose. 

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