A Black Student Was Asked To Homecoming With Racially Insensitive Sign, High School Officials Step In

These signs gotta stop.

Photo Credit: Photo: Star Tribune

| September 19 2017,

9:21 pm

The slew of racist “promposals” have unfortunately been quite rampant. Now it looks like homecoming dance season can bring more of the bigotry.

A white student of Burnsville High School in Minnesota asked a black student to the homecoming dance with the sign, “You may be picking cotton, but I’m picking you. Homecoming?” The poster was decorated with cotton balls, per Star Tribune.

The resulting picture was posted on Snapchat with the caption, “She actually said yes,” with the dramatic shock face emoji. The picture eventually went viral and spread to Instagram and Facebook, with many expressing outrage at the offensive photo.

Photo: CBS Minnesota

Apparently, it was a joke between friends and they were taken aback by the negative reaction they received.

Burnsville Principal Dave Helke didn’t find a bit of it funny, however, calling the photo “deeply offensive.” "I want to make it clear that the posting does not align with the values of Burnsville High School and Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191," Helke wrote in a statement. "We value all students, expect all students to take responsibility for exhibiting that with their peers, and work in many ways to build up each other as a community of caring individuals. "

The white student has since removed the post and apologized for the “racist remark” via his social media accounts.

"I made the poster as a joke between my close friend and I and many took it the wrong way and were offended," he tweeted. "I'm sincerely sorry, no intentions were ever to offended [sic] her or anyone of color it was made as a joke."

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether or not he will be receiving disciplinary action for the post, but district spokeswoman Ruth Dunn confirmed the incident didn’t happen on school grounds. "The principal sees this as a teachable moment," said Dunn.