Rapper Slim Thug is receiving praise from social media users after he sat down with artist Big Freedia to engage in a mature discussion about using the proper pronouns when addressing people of various genders. During a recent episode of College Hill: Celebrity Edition, Slim Thug said he wants to make sure he uses the correct pronoun when speaking with Big Freedia, who identifies as gender fluid.

“I never been able to kick it with somebody like you, so I need to know the proper pronouns,” the rapper said.

Big Freedia gladly elaborated on Slim Thug’s comment.

“I’m gender fluid. I don’t have a pronoun,” Big Freedia said. “It’s a new age for me too with the pronoun stuff. With my homies in New Orleans who I kick it with who I grew up with, I’m their bro. To my girls, I’m they sista. To my kids, straight and gay, I’m their mom. My sister, my blood sister, I’m her brother. And when she wanna call me her sister, I’m her sister. It really don’t matter to me because I know who I am.”

Slim Thug humbly admitted that himself and many others have a lack of understanding when it comes to identifying people with the proper pronoun.

“We don’t know what offends people or not,” he said.

Big Freedia said people usually go with their natural instincts when identifying genders, but that can be offensive.

The rapper shared that he hasn’t spent much time with LGBTQ people in his environment. He also expressed appreciation for having a chance to be part of College Hill: Celebrity Edition, which is allowing him to step out of his comfort zone and meet people from various backgrounds.

“Being a gangster rapper, you don’t really be around a lot of gay people,” Slim Thug said. “Being in this house is definitely a different experience, so this is giving me a chance to step out of my box and meet new people.”

Big Freedia said it’s respect that matters in the end.

“When you respect people as a human being, you don’t have to worry about none of that,” the artist said. “When you’re secure with yourself, you don’t have to worry about nothing either.”

Social media users showered Slim Thug with praise after watching the discussion.

Freedia recently spoke with Billboard to explain how the music industry has evolved when it comes to embracing LGBTQ+ people.

“We weren’t treated equally, being that we were gay,” Freedia told Billboard. “We were working for chump change. Over time, things started to change, but in the beginning, it was not so easy. It was not so accepting. People were in shock that they had these gay artists out in New Orleans that’s doing bounce music and making the girls shake all over.”