R&B artist Drew Vision shares a word on music, passion and purpose

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| July 01 2016,

10:30 am

DV: I definitely will say that New York has made me so well-rounded. It's one of the only cities in the world that's a melting pot for everyone on the planet. New York has forced me to be more open-minded. You realize that there's more to the world than the music you listen to and things you like. I think New York diversified me and is definitely why I have so many different sounds.
DV: The creative process is the only thing that keeps me in the game. Everything else can sometimes be so business related and stressful, but the creative process is where I thrive. I start with beats. There are so many talented producers out there, and when I  hear the sounds and the instruments they choose, I start a vibe from that. Based off how the music makes me feel, I start writing.

B: Your recent project, The Balance, has a message of accepting oneself fully. Talk to us about the experiences in your life that fueled this project. 

DV: From traveling and meeting people I've found that so many people think I'm interesting because I have a wide variety of elements to me that make me who I am. For example, when I was living in Brooklyn, I used to skateboard everywhere. I would ride my board to business meetings and would still be respected as a professional. Things like that are what break barriers in people's minds so they don't put everyone in a box. I think thats where The Balance came from. A lot of the time I would look at my flaws and be upset about them, but in actuality, everything about me, including my flaws, is what makes me who I am, and the moment we accept ourselves, we feel a new level of power. I embraced that there is no such thing as good without bad and that all I have to do is keep the balance.

B:  How do you stay inspired and motivated to create music that people can relate to? 

DV: I think its so important to have down time. Its easy to get caught up in your work, but you have to just take some time and know that you can't do everything in one day. Once I allowed myself to have some leisure time, I realized that thats where my inspiration comes from. I had to understand the balance between work and play. When I listen to music, be social and have a good time, I find most of my inspiration because those are the things that keep us going when life gets hard.

B: What advice do you have for creatives who struggle with believing in themselves and the quality of their work?

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