A 53-year-old white man has been charged with first and second-degree murder along with a slew of other indictments in the fatal shooting of his 22-year-old neighbor.

ABC 11 reports Tyrique Hudson was gunned down in the stairwell of his apartment in Glen Burnie, Maryland as he was leaving for work on April 15. A neighbor's husband recalls he exited their unit to see what occurred and found Hudson's body lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. The North Carolina A&T graduate had just moved to the area after starting a job as a software engineer at Northrop Grumman. 

"He's never had any confrontations or any fights," Hudson's mother Tonya Burch said. "Nobody has ever has to come say, 'Oh your son did this to me or your son did that to me.' He was just overall a very gifted, unique child."

The victim's assailant, James Verombeck, locked himself inside his apartment for 10 hours before a SWAT team finally broke in and detained him, according to The Capital Gazette. 

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What's even more heartbreaking about Hudson's murder is that it could have been avoided. Court documents reveal the victim attempted to obtain a protective order against the suspect earlier this year. Hudson took the trash out on February 16 and when he returned to his unit, Verombeck allegedly told him "you knew this day was coming," then gave him a "death gesture" by motioning his thumb across his throat.

Following this encounter, Hudson contacted law enforcement and officers arrived at his apartment to gather more information and open a formal report. Verombeck had reportedly stalked and issued threats against Hudson on several different occasions. 

A temporary court order that prevented Verombeck from making physical or verbal contact with Hudson was granted the same day. Three days later, the order was voided after District Court Judge Devy Patterson Russell believed the victim did not provide sufficient evidence in his report. The Capital Gazette notes Judge Russell has since been temporarily reassigned pending a verdict from the Court of Appeals for her possible suspension.

As his family prepares to honor the young man in a funeral on Saturday, Hudson's loved ones offered sentimental remarks in a statement to NBC Washington 4.

"Tyrique was the most amazing young man that I have ever met," family friend Candice Winstead-Holden told the news outlet.

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