Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-cortez called out Republican lawmakers for the witnesses they call to House committee hearings, describing them as "sheer mediocrity." The New York congresswoman also added that if Republican voters knew the kind of people being called on to defend their point of view “they'd be upset.”

Ocasio-cortez cited an unnamed witness called who argued that fossil fuels, linked by scientists to be a cause of climate change, were "healthy."

Separately, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta could not answer questions asked to him by Rep. Lauren Underwood about his decision to change policy around women's contraceptives.

“Women’s lives and their health depend on their ability to access contraceptives,” said Rep. Underwood, who before entering the House was a nurse. “Your actions, your actions, sir, are denying science and putting American women at risk.”

Labor Department regulations allow employers with religious or moral objections to opt-out of providing health insurance that covers contraceptives, that a federal court in Pennsylvania issued an injunction to.

“For women, reproductive health care is health care,” Underwood, said to Costa at the hearing. “But your department has issued rules that deny the science of reproductive health care and allow employers to deny workers health insurance that covers contraceptives.”

Underwood's grilling of Secretary Costa also led to more Ocasio-Cortez tweets, as she asked how men would feel if they had to deal with health care decisions being made by people who did not understand their bodies’ needs.

“How would these guys like it if [government] was 80 [percent] female, constantly looking for ways to limit or outlaw condoms [and] vasectomies, yet had little, no medical context? Sounds crazy?” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter. “The flipside is what women & LGBTQ+ people have to deal [with] all the time.”

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