Following the announcement of an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) boldly began selling "Impeach The MF" shirts to help fund her reelection bid.  

The freshman congresswoman is like many others on the left who are anticipating the Trump impeachment hearings. Last Thursday, she took to capitalizing on her infamous words after being sworn into Congress. Her campaign launched a line of shirts favoring impeachment that has stirred controversy on the right. 

"Lean in with me to hold this lawless President accountable. Together, we will fight back and protect our democracy," Tlaib tweeted. 

"Our country depends on it!…and yes you can even wear what you feel," she added. 

The Hill reports the shirts are selling at $29 each and coming in three colors: black, white or red, white and blue.

While some have called the move a bit tasteless, recent polling has shown that most Americans support the impeachment. A CBS News Poll shows that 55% of Americans support an impeachment inquiry as opposed to 45% of those who don't. 

The same poll asked voters if the president should face impeachment over his actions regarding Ukraine, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. About 42% said that the president should be impeached over the scandal. 

Tlaib has been one of the earliest Democrats in the House to support impeachment. She was on record as early as March of this year pushing colleagues to do the same.