Now that Donald Trump's opened up the government for a minute, we’re bringing back the tweets of the week before it closes again. While the tangerine tyrant gets his life together, take solace in the silliness that exists on Beyoncé’s internet.

We wonder how many eee-eee's Isiah Whitlock Jr. had to borrow from Jacquees for this tweet: 

Week three of 2019 is when we learned Voldemort is powerful but stands no chance against a wave check. 

Someone also gave Ariana Grande an alternative to that damn ponytail:

The B here doesn't stand for Black women: 

As the Covington MAGA-hat student drama unfolded, this user announced a red hot take on Trump's red hats:

Pusha T issued some cryptic fighting words that were quickly appropriated for use in daily life:

Sometimes the truth hurts. This one hit us right in the shoulders, chest, pants and shoes:

We'd like to introduce you to this brother, who has figured out how to get his reparations:

Take the compliment, sis!

Kamala Harris announced she's running for president this week, and the increasingly crowded 2020 field has this user ready to Marie Kondo the 2020 election:

Conservatives tried to come for Cardi B this week after she posted a detailed critic of President Trump's government shutdown. Belcalis was ready and clapped back at all who came for her. Which leaves us with one question: How can we apply to be Cardi's dog walker?

Have a good weekend! 

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