Robert Griffin III is coming to the defense of Bronny James, who is facing ridicule on social media after he was seen in a prom picture with a white girl.

“LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE! People clowning Bronny for his prom date are just miserable. Let them enjoy their day,” Griffin tweeted.

The former NFL quarterback continued to defend the teen when he ranted in a video message on Instagram.

“He could take an avatar to prom for all I care,” Griffin said. “Who he chooses is who he chooses. And secondly, it’s giving weird energy that a bunch of grown men and women, 40-year-old men and women, are trying to tell a 17-year-old who they think he should bring to prom.”

While some trolls blamed the Lakers player and Savannah James, saying the teen wasn’t raised right, Griffin spoke up to silence the critics.

“This ain’t got nothing to do with LeBron and Savannah not raising Bronny right,” he said. “The color of the skin of a girl he takes to prom should not matter. Leave these kids alone.”


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Griffin, who is married to Estonian athlete Grete Sadeiko, previously defended himself when he was criticized for marrying outside his race.

“It is not anti-black to love someone outside your race,” the NFL veteran told the critics, according to TMZ.

Bronny faced hateful comments after Savannah went to social media to share photos of her son’s big day. The Sierra Canyon junior posed with his date, a senior, while showing off in his blue and black suit. The young basketball star also posed in a custom-print Mercedes.


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LeBron had some fun when he commented on one of the prom photos, which included a hilarious facial expression from his daughter Zhuri.

“Zhuri ain’t f’n around! She don’t play about her brothers!!” LeBron wrote.

In 2021, Griffin was bashed for a comment he made about his wife’s behind. As Blavity previously reported, the quarterback posted a video of Sadeiko doing squats with the caption, “cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE.”

Griffin tried to defend himself after leaving many people confused.

“Being white don’t mean you ain’t got no cheeks,” he wrote. “Joke was my wife couldn’t fill out a sundress. And yes I love my wife and I’m proud of her business.”