The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were not happy to see Marlo Hampton sending her two nephews to live with her sister for 30 days, and Andy Cohen put her in the hot seat.

Hampton had been raising the two young men, Michael and William, for the past three years but admitted it had become too much for her, accusing the teenage boys of not listening to her rules and acting out. Her decision was met with swift backlash from viewers. During the reunion host, Andy Cohen questioned her about it.

Cohen asks Hampton about kicking out her nephew

According to All About the Real Housewives, during part 2 of the RHOA, Cohen had a chance to ask Marlo Hampton what really happened and asked for clarity. He noted the decision was not well received by Hampton.

“I wanna talk about your decision to send Michael and William away for a month because we got a lot of viewer feedback; it was really negative. I respect that you were possibly protecting them and you from yourself and bad impulses that you might have,” Cohen told Hampton.

Hampton told Cohen that she felt it was in the best interest of her nephews at the time. 

“It was about them. You know, I think when I say I kicked him out, that’s awful,” she said.

But she says it was necessary in order for her not to lose her cool with them.

"Me and the way I say things and deliver the message, but I wanted to say is I need a reset button,” she explained.

She said she was losing control and that their household lacked structure.

“Andy, I’m used to being a fabulous muntie. You call me; you get spoiled,  you get pizza if you need me,” with Cohen interjecting: “But that doesn’t work.”

Hampton agreed.

“Oh no, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. It doesn’t work if they stay there and I beat them, or if I freak out like my mom, so I was worried like you need to get yourself out of control because you don’t have control of your house. I went into this thinking, ‘I got this right away,’ but I needed to reset,” she concluded.