As fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta wait for the trailer for Season 14 to be released, filming remains underway and the drama is said to be one of the best in the show’s history.

Several OGs are back, there are some newbies, and tons of catfights. But now, longtime cast member Kandi Burruss says she too has been involved in some chaos. 

She won't reveal which co-star she got into it with

In an Amazon live, Burruss teased how ilming season 14 has been going. While she’s normally not thick into the drama with her castmates, she says she was pushed to her limit during a recent taping and exploded.

“I bumped heads with somebody real bad last week,” she said in the video. “I can’t tell you who it is because I got in trouble already for telling y’all the little things that’s happening during filming. But yes, I got into it real, real bad. They had me talking real crazy to them.”

Burruss is not excusing her behavior and warns that fans will see another side to her. “Please forgive me when you hear some of the stuff that I said out my mouth. It was terrible! I was upset, I was mad,” she said. “They was talking crazy to me too, now. So, it wasn’t one-sided, to be clear. It wasn’t just me. But y’all just gon have to wait til’ the show airs for you to see it, ’cause I’m not telling you ahead of time who it was.”

There’s said to be a lot of drama in the upcoming season

Burruss isn’t the only one at odds with anyone. According to several reports, Drew Sidora, who joined the show last season, has had drama with OG Sheree Whitfield and newcomer Sanya Richards Ross. Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton, who squashed their long-standing beef ahead of taping, are also on the outs again. They recently unfollowed each other on social media and posted cryptic subliminal messages about one another. 

Whitfield’s major storyline was reportedly set to be focused on her relationship with newly released convict Tyrone Gilliams. But Gilliams sent Bravo a cease and desist citing his refusal to be spoken of or filmed.