The drama is unfolding during the Season 7 taping of The Real Housewives of Potomac and it’s all being documented online. Candiace Dillard Bassett is reportedly not on good terms with Gizelle Bryant nor Karen Huger. She’s now speaking about the issues between her and her co-stars online and isn’t shy about spilling all the tea. 

Candiace Dillard Bassett responds to fan who asks about drama between her and Gizelle Bryant and says Monique Samuels was fired

Rumors have been floating for weeks that the friendship between Bryant and Samuels was over. Social media users pointed out that Dillard Bassett no longer follows Bryant on Instagram. There were also cryptic tweets from Dillard Bassett’s husband Chris seemingly aimed at Bryant for trying to destroy his character for the sake of television. Per Kempire, Bryant accuses Chris of trying to hit on her in the upcoming season, which is the alleged root of the drama between she and Dillard Bassett.

“There’s a leak in our midst giving all of the tea away. You guys have heard some alleged drama that I will not confirm or deny as the truth. But yeah…it’s really annoying that somebody is trying to leak information from our show,” Dillard Bassett said in an IG Q&A, per Urban Belle Mag.

“One thing about Potomac that was always a good thing was we never had leaks," she continued.

“And then a certain person joined the cast and then suddenly certain things would be leaked in their favor which was how the physical altercation was leaked because someone who was trying to control the narrative leaked the information and lied so they could get ahead of a story. They still ended up looking like a f*cking clown. That stopped when that person was terminated. So I was shocked this season when stuff just started leaking.”

That person she’s referring to is Samuels.

Several cast members accused her of leaking information to blogs in her favor. She says she was asked to return for season 6 but opted not to as a result of issues with production.

The “Drive Back” singer says Gizelle Bryant doesn’t share much

Bryant has notoriously been part of almost every storyline on the and of her co-stars have accused her of stirring up drama while she shares minimal of her own personal ups and downs. 


Dillard Bassett seems to agree.

“Will Gizelle have a boyfriend this season? Well, she could have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a goat. We wouldn’t know because she doesn’t share any of her personal life. She just skates by encroaching on other people’s business,” Dillard Bassett told one fan. “Gizelle is definitely going to h*ll, for sure.”

Dillard Bassett has previously defended Bryant, even considering her a close friend.

But that’s apparently no longer the case. She’s now echoing similar sentiments from her co-stars who have complained that Bryant doesn’t personally add any value to the show except being an instigator.

“It’s getting wack. Y’all don’t have sh*t going on so you’ve resorted to literally making things up. That’s not interesting TV to watch,” she continued. “If you can’t come with some real reality television, then you should be fired. Everyone’s always talking about so and so needs to be fired because they don’t bring anything, fire this, fire that one. No. If you can’t come to the table with real, honest, true reality, real stuff going on and you have to resort to lying and making things up, then literally you could be replaced.”