The Real Housewives of Potomac fans are calling out Charisse Jackson.

The feud between Robyn Dixon and Wendy Osefo’s has gotten worse since season 6. In a recent episode, Dixon had to be held back by friend of the show Charisse Jackson after she walked up on Osefo. But Dixon and Jordan denied the claim when later confronted about it.

1. The women of Potomac "let it burn"

In the latest episode, Osefo invited all the ladies to a “burn session” to open up an honest dialogue about the conflicts within the group. As Osefo and Dixon discussed their drama that took place at  Ashley’s Darby dance class, another blow-up ensued, but from Dixon after she became engaged that Dixon told others she nearly got physical with her. To try and prove her point, Dixon decided to face tome Jackson to back up her story. Though Dixon corroborated her claim, production showed a flashback that proved otherwise.

2. Charrisse responds

Fans pointed out the inconsistencies in Dixon and Jackson’s story. Jackson took to Instagram to share her side.

3. In response to a fan, she wrote:

“I was not preventing her from putting her hands on Wendy. She was not about to physically attack Wendy,” as reported by Reality Blurb. “As soon as she stood up my natural reaction was to stand up in an attempt to calm the situation. Wendy said stand in your truth. She stood. Wendy also to her to sit down and she did that as well.”

4. She added that she didn't feel Dixon was a threat.

“Security was there. If there was a real concern they would’ve interjected. I was not ‘holding’ her back. People are going to interpret things the way they want. Lightly nudging someone to sit back down is way different than holding someone back,” she said.