The Real Housewives of Potomac cast is full of fabulous and feisty women who don’t mind going toe to toe, even in red bottoms against their co-stars. During each season, the women throw parties and shade, and the fans enjoy watching. Season 7 has not yet begun airing yet and fans are hearing about trouble in Potomac. Karen Huger and Mia Thorton are two of the housewives that don’t mind speaking their peace on the show and there might be some drama brewing between the ladies.

Karen Huger has Issues with fellow housewives

Huger has been on the show since it premiered in 2016. The outspoken mom of two has had her share of drama on the show. Her most notable is with fellow housewife, Gizelle Bryant. Their issues stemmed from the past but were carried over to the show.

She had past issues with Asley Darby after issues of Darby’s husband Michael’s sexuality was being discussed. The list could go on with Huger and drama between her co-stars, but much has been resolved. This time there could be an issue with Thornton.

Mia Thornton confronts Karen Huger during her comedy show

While filming season 7, the ladies stopped by the D.C. Improv Comedy Club to watch queen bee, Huger, perform.  A video was taken of the words exchanged between Huger and Thornton.

While Huger was on stage, Thorton was given the microphone and asked her a question, “What do you do when you share something with a friend of yours and she runs her mouth?” Huger went on to tell Thorton in the same tone Viola Davia used in The Help, referencing the infamous, “You is smart, you is kind, you is important” scene.

Huger added, “Whatever I said about you is true so get over it.” Thornton insists she wasn’t mad but spoke up due to feelings of loyalty and transparency.

It’s unclear what the root of the issue is, but it’ll surely unfold when the season premieres.

Watch the exchange below