An Access Hollywood reporter may avoid speaking to pop icon Rihanna after a recent encounter. 

During a typical red carpet interview with Rihanna, a reporter asked the pop star if she was attending the royal wedding. The "Work" singer shocked by the question responded:  "Why would you think I'm invited?"

It may have seemed out of place to ask but there was a reason the reporter assumed she was invited.

Rihanna and Prince Harry met each other in 2016 at a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of Barbados' independence. Anyone with access to the internet knows that Ri Ri is a native of the Caribbean island paradise.

To the reporter's surprise, Rihanna said that she did not know that the wedding is only six days away, May 19.   

"I don't know. You met him," the reporter answered.

Against her better judgment, the reporter should have never said that because Ri went for the kill. 

Photo: Giphy

"OK, you met me," Rihanna said. "You think you're coming to my wedding?"

Watch the bad gal do bad gal 'tings in this clip: