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#RnBComics is what happens when blackness and superheroes collide

The blerd hashtag game is not a joke – and #RnBComics is no exception. Shoutout to the homie @Steph_I_Will who created the tag. The timeline went on a thrill ride full of R&B and the dopest moments in black comic book history. We got to see our favorite characters in a way that we never had before. Here's a list of the very best:

1. Sam Wilson & Misty Knight jam to MJ

2. Lunella lets you know what's really good ft. Beyoncé

3. En Vogue, if they threw the hands.

4. Rogue getting Remy out the paint.

5. John Stewart getting his time wasted.

6. Storm keeping it all the way G.

7. Cyclops letting it all out to some Bill Withers.

8. Wolverine stuck in the crib reminiscing.

9. It doesn't really get more literal than this.

10. Both comic book universes love the brooding rich boys.

11. Young Miles Morales finding love.

Peruse the hashtag at your leisure for even more bangers mashed up with our fave heroes. @BlackGirlNerds couldn't have said it any more perfectly.
Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr Let me know what you think in the comments, because I read and reply to all of them. Hit the share button and tag a friend who needs to see this. 

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