Following Sunday’s loss and the subsequent backlash over the Atlanta Falcons’ season opener song, singer Rotimi had some things to get off his chest. You may recall, fans, fellow celebrities and Atlanta locals slammed the Falcons for enlisting a non-Atlanta native to perform their team’s new anthem, ‘Rise Up.’ Notable names such as T.I., Jermaine Dupri, and even J.I.D shared their unsavory thoughts about Rotimi, a New Jersey native, being tapped for the Atlanta Falcons promo.

Over the weekend, the Atlanta Falcons football organization caught a lot of flack after they revealed the team’s music video for its new theme song. The hopes for the team’s new anthem was not only to bring some excitement ahead of the 2022 season opener, but to bring the city together as well. Although the city did come together in agreement over their feelings for the track, it wasn’t in the way the Falcons expected.

Rotimi initially took the criticism in stride, however, the former Power actor felt it necessary to clear the air about how the collaboration with the NFL organization went down.