Russell Wilson surprised the love of his life with some flowers, then subtly took a shot at his critics. In a video he posted on Instagram on Friday, the Denver Broncos quarterback showed the romantic gesture he displayed for Ciara.

The memorable evening began when Wilson randomly showed up to an event Ciara was attending on Friday night. Ciara, who never expected to see her husband at that moment, leaped into Wilson’s arms after he came up behind her and presented a giant bouquet of flowers with an assortment of colors.

“Oh My Goodness,” Ciara said, holding on to her husband as she was surrounded by loved ones who were recording the moment. “What the heck? What are you doing here? Oh my God. Babe. Oh my Goodness.”

The couple continued to express their love for each other before posing together for pictures. When he later posted the video of the romantic evening, Wilson appeared to be sending a message to critics such as Channing Crowder, the former Miami Dolphins linebacker who fired up a rant during a podcast earlier this year and described the NFL star as a “f**king square.”

“Stay Squared Up my friends,” Wilson wrote on Instagram.