This is the day we’ve been waiting for, my fellow blerds. After Ava DuVernay said “nah” like a Chief Keef ad-lib, which we completely respected, there were rumors. There were talks. There were confirmations. Then the confirmations were debunked. Now, without a doubt, it’s official tissue. Ryan Coogler, Mr. Fruitvale Station, Mr. Creed, Mr. “I do it for the culture always because I love my blackness”, has been announced as the director of the upcoming Black Panther, Marvel blockbuster.


This is a movie black Marvel fans have been waiting for, for a long time. It’s always been in the ether of conversation, it’s always been on our minds, and we’ve always been vocal about it with anyone that will listen. This is a major step forward in diversity for the film adaptations of the Marvel Universe, and the people are ready. After seeing what Ryan Coogler has been able to do, as a director, over the past few years, as well as the power and passion that Chadwick Boseman has brought to the big screen in films like 42 and Get On Up, there is little chance of this not being the film that hardcore fans want to see, and casual fans will enjoy.

Black Panther is set for a 2018 release date, IMDB is saying February, some other folks are saying July, but the only thing for sure, is that T’challa has his own feature film and it’s being directed by one of the most talented young black directors that Hollywood has seen in a long time. Captain America: Civil War is the warm up, and then comes the main event.

Major key for 2018: don’t miss Black Panther.