Drake is now catching the side eye of singer Rye Rye, who is accusing the rapper of using her vocals without credit on the “Calling For You” track featuring 21 Savage. Rye Rye unleashed her fury on Twitter, saying Drake has used her work without credit multiple times.

“REALLY @Drake MY VOCALS AGAIN?” Rye Rye tweeted. “& NO CREDIT? I really wanna be flattered but I feel like it’s trolling ATP OMG …one of my fave artists doing this I don’t know how to feel anymore. But thank you for reminding me that my 15 year old vocals are still legendary. This is not funny this sent me into a deep depression and made me angry inside the first time. Now I gotta relive this again after I was semi trying to push through. WTF I wanna be happy but like how.”

The Baltimore artist continued to express her anger in a series of tweets.

“Like how tf lil John chair squeaking sample get credited on currents over my actual voice WTF,” she wrote. “I’m feeling angry inside all over again.. I feel so disrespected.. guess that’s how the game goes huh lol bettttt. Ruined my whole f***in day I don’t even wanna fly no more. Sitting here crying but I can’t be a sucker.”

Rye Rye, however, vowed to use the disappointment as motivation.

“I always been strong and I feel it in the universe ima get what I deserve. Make me wanna turn into a b***h but ima let me heart keep being pure,” she wrote according to Hot new Hip Hop. “I worked so hard at 15 when I created them vocals. I get that they’re legendary I love that yall f**k with it. But damn at first yall might didn’t know where the sample came from. Now it’s been made clear and yall still just can’t give credit.”

While some people said it’s the producers’ fault, not Drake’s, Rye Rye said there is no excuse.

“When I used the ‘anything you can do I can do better’ sample in my song it was my label job to CLEAR that before it came out. This for all the ppl saying it’s the producers,” she wrote. “Yea ultimately BUT if you’re on a major they should be clearing all samples prior to releasing. And I’m not venting to social media thinking it’s gonna get me paid. But some ppl can see it and offer help/advice. Also it’s my voice ppl know it and bringing it to my attention so I can speak on it if I want tf yall weird af.”

According to HipHopDX, Drake used Rye Rye’s “What” ad-lib on his “Calling For You” track. The Baltimore rapper said the vocal was featured in her Shake It To The Ground track.

Although some critics say it’s not a big deal for Drake to sample one word, Rye Rye is taking the issue seriously.

“So why did lil Jon chair squeaking sound get credited and that’s just a sound from a chair?? lol,” she said in response to one critic. “I have a right to be credit if they take anything off MY ORIGINAL SONG you sound foolish.”