nullSamuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett are in negotiations to reunite for Fox Seachlight's Black Nativity, based on Langston Hughes' Broadway gospel musical. Jennifer Hudson is also in negotiations to join Jackson and Bassett, who were last seen in the Katori Hall/Kenny Leon acclaimed broadway production The Mountaintop.

If you recall, Black Nativity, written and directed by Kasi Lemmons, has been in the works and in limbo since 2009. The story centers on a young black teen from Baltimore, who is sent to Harlem by his mother to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged grandparents. The boy then learns the real meaning of faith and family when his grandfather delivers a Christmas Eve sermon and "a stylized, dream-sequence retelling of the classic Nativity story."


Jennifer Hudson is in talks to play the boy's mother in Baltimore. Jackson and Bassett are cicling the roles of the boy's grandparents. The role of the young boy has yet to be cast.

In our post in June of last year, helmer Lemmons revealed the following about the story:

"A gospel musical titled, The Black Nativity. It's a film adaptation of the very slender book Langston Hughes wrote in 1961. At the time it was very controversial. The story is about a kid from Baltimore whose mother has to send him to live with her estranged parents. He's dealing with people he didn't know including his grandmother who is a preacher; he falls in a deep sleep at church and dreams of the black nativity. It's going to be dope."

Bill Horberg and Celine Rattray, along with Galt Niederhoffer and Daniela Taplin Lundberg will serve as producers; Joy Goodwin will executive produce.

As per announcement early last week, Bassett is set to star in Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen. Jackson can be seen next in Tarantino's Django Unchained. The highest earning actor in the inductry may also have supporting roles in MGM's RoboCop remake and in the sequel to Captain America.

Jennifer Hudson is set to reteam with Winnie's co-star Terrence Howard in Andrew Levitas' Lullaby.

Kasi Lemmons is also working on the adaptation of Zadie Smith's Booker Prize-nominated novel On Beauty, which she will direct.