One thing remains true about our forever first family; the Obamas know how to have a good time. The youngest of the crew, Sasha Obama, was spotted at Beyoncé and Jay-Z's On the Run II show in Paris getting her life with a few friends. 

Once the 17-year-old was spotted, fans couldn't help but be ecstatic that our little sis is also apart of the Beyhive. 

It looks like Sasha was having a night out at the Stade de France with her mother as Mrs. Obama was seen front-row with Mama Tina. Witnessing the mother-daughter duo relaxing and enjoying themselves is just what our spirits needed. 

The Obamas seemingly have a healthy relationship with the Knowles-Carter family. Bey gave a classic rendition of the national anthem at President Obama's inauguration, and, in 2017, Michelle was one of the stars to get in formation and dress up as the Everything Is Love singer as part of Beyoncé's birthday tribute.

We are absolutely here for two of the most influential black families in the world linking up. That is the energy the world needs right now.

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