Schoolboy Q's 8-Year-Old Daughter Proves She Has Bars Too In This Adorable Rap Battle With Her Dad

Babygirl got bars!

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| June 04 2018,

10:08 pm

While people await Drake’s next move against Pusha T, another far more adorable rap beef is brewing: Schoolboy Q versus Joy--his daughter.

The “Collard Greens” rapper posted a hilarious video of him battle rapping with his daughter during a car ride.

The battle pops off when Schoolboy Q remixes a line from Shawty Lo’s "Dunn Dunn" to include his baby girl’s name.

“Joy said she from the West Side. Well, goddamn, it must be two sides,” he said in his best Shawty Lo voice.

Joy tossed a plastic cup from the back seat and it was on.

“I’m down with you okay, hey/ And yes you are my dad-dy/ I don’t want your trash talk,” she rapped. The eight-year-old went on and poked fun at her pop's dad potbelly and cracked on his haircut. 

Q laughed it off and jokingly roasted his daughter’s hair.

“You got them ugly dreads/ You ain’t really my daughter/ Sorry, ’bout to kill you/ ‘Bout to get slaughtered.”

Aw snap!

See the adorable battle below and pick your side:

Schoolboy Q
Schoolboy Q daughter
Shawty Lo