During Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Republicans were seen interrogating the Supreme Court nominee. Ahead of the vote on the nominee expected in April, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledged the GOP’s harsh questioning of Jackson.

During an interview with Blavity, Schumer agreed that Jackson seemed to be “treated differently than so many of the previous people who came before the court.”

“I think she should have been treated with extra respect and extra dignity, given the historic nature of this nomination. But unfortunately, at least some Republicans did not do that,” he told Blavity.

While the majority leader said he’s “optimistic” about the Senate’s vote on her confirmation to the Supreme Court, he’s also confident in her background and her ability to contribution to the highest court in the country.

“You read her writings and her opinions and things like that, she is just brilliant,” he said, adding that she “belongs on the court.”

“If anything, the hearing showed that because, despite the nastiness of the questions, despite the fact that they asked her things that they never asked anybody else, she kept her poise. She kept her strength, she kept her good humor,” Schumer added.