Update (October 23, 2019): Birmingham Police and the FBI have found remains of what they believe to be the body of Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney in a dumpster at a landfill on Tuesday night. 

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith announced the news in a press conference. 

“I wish I had all of you gathered here with good news. I wish I could share a high five or some other type of celebratory salutation but I cannot,” Smith said.

Investigators had been searching through about 12 tons of trash that were collected from the area for several days, reports AL.com. The dumpster where she was found is not far from the housing complex she was last seen at. 

"Our investigators, along with the FBI, have worked tirelessly, 24 hours a day, to locate this young child and bring her back home and to hold those accountable who were involved in her disappearance ... and ultimately her demise,'' Smith said.

Police plan to charge Patrick Stallworth and his girlfriend Derick Brown with capital murder and kidnapping. No link has been established between the two adults and McKinney’s family yet. 

The Amber Alert that was issued hours after the abduction has been canceled. Alabama is now mourning McKinney. 

“This is a tough moment for this city. This is a tough moment for this family,” said Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin.

Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement offering condolences to McKinney’s family as well as thanking those who worked to find her. 

“The heart of our state is broke, but we must do all we can to avoid this happening to another family. Our prayers remain with Kamille’s family and all who have been touched by this nightmare,” the statement read.

Original: The search for a 3-year-old Alabama girl has expanded into Georgia and Tennessee.

Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney was kidnapped from a birthday party in a Birmingham public housing complex on Saturday night, according to AL.com. An Amber Alert was issued around midnight on Sunday, more than three hours after she was abducted.

"As many families think that they can resolve their issue on their own, they think that they can do just a quick search of the neighborhood or area to find a missing person or missing child," Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said during a press conference. "There was a little bit of a delay in getting the information to law enforcement so we can conduct a thorough grid search of the entire area before putting out an AMBER Alert."

Children who were at the party claim an unidentified Black man grabbed McKinney and placed her in an SUV. WBRC reported the police believe a white woman put the toddler in the vehicle. The SUV is described as a dark-colored 2001-2006 Toyota Sequoia with beige trimming.

McKinney was last seen wearing a pink shirt with leopard-print accents and leopard-print shorts with no shoes.

On Sunday, Birmingham Police detained two persons of interest and interrogated them. The details of the questioning have not been released. Investigators say they are still looking for a man and woman.

On Monday, the search expanded into neighboring states Tennessee and Georgia.

"We want to make sure that her picture, her face, is out there in the media so that everyone, even in the surrounding states, knows who she is," Smith said.

There are two rewards available for anyone with information about the case according to WVTM. A private citizen is offering $1,000, and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is offering $5,000. Ivey released a statement about the kidnapping on Tuesday.

"I am staying engaged with law enforcement officials on both the state and local levels," said the governor. "While the search for Kamille and the investigation into the case are ongoing, it is imperative that we remain vigilant and report any information that may help law enforcement bring her home."

Smith believes there's someone who knows something and isn't sharing.

"We're asking because we feel that there are some people on the sidelines who have information that is incredibly important to this investigation that may just be that one piece to close things," he said. "So, the most important thing is the involvement of the citizens, those in that community and those around us to make sure things happen when they should."

Anyone with pertinent information should call Birmingham Police Department tip line at 205-297-8413 or Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.