The Seattle Seahawks added some flavor to Monday Night Football in their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. 

After scoring a touchdown during the third quarter of the game, thanks to the successful 60-yard pass from quarterback Russell Wilson, wide receiver David Moore kicked off a celebration alongside his teammates Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf and Jaron Brown mimicking the 80s R&B group New Edition. 

The quad’s choreographed celebration saluted New Edition’s classic moves from their hit, “If It Isn’t Love.” 

The touchdown secured the Seahawks’ lead against the Vikings, putting the score at 27-17 just before the final quarter of the game. 

“That was something we’ve been practicing,” Moore told NFL reporter Tom Pelissero during the postgame interview. “We love old school. We love just having fun and New Edition was the plan tonight.”

Brown added that coordinating the routine took some planning, as they didn’t have much time to do a full-out celebration performance. 

“We were just hoping we didn’t have to call a timeout,” he said. 

Impressed with the wide receivers’ moves, former New Edition member Johnny Gill tweeted a light-hearted sign of approval after a user shared the clip with him. 

Others on Twitter shouted out the Seahawks' players for their coordinated routine. 

In May 2017, the NFL decided to be more lenient with its rules on players' celebrations during the game in response to wide criticism of the league’s fines and penalties. Critics of the NFL’s stiff regulations on endzone celebrations called the rules “overbearing,” according to ESPN. 

The Seattle team has made a name for themselves as they've crafted some creative touchdown dance routines. Earlier this season, in a game against the Cleveland Browns, the same quartet of wide receivers channeled their inner boy band personas and re-enacted NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" choreography during the second quarter. The pop group even tweeted afterward giving the players the stamp of approval. 

After their most recent win over Minnesota, the Seahawks are now tied for the top spot in the NFC West division with a 10-2 standing. They face off against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 8 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.