British film maker Ndrika Anyika, has launched Young, Gifted and Grinding, in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Black History Month in the UK. Speaking about the launch, the director and producer said, “I wanted to make Young, Gifted and Grinding as a platform to highlight the variety of ways black British entrepreneurs are flourishing. The project was also an opportunity for me to hear stories first-hand from people across the country who inspire myself and many other young entrepreneurs. Through interviewing black business owners, artists and content creators, I wanted to offer tangible and practical advice on how you can turn ideas into a reality — much like the protagonists in my films."

“Additionally, the launch of Young, Gifted and Grinding, comes at a time when the Prime Minister has published the first findings from her Race Disparity Audit. This evidence of racial disparity coupled with a report by the Runnymede Trust and Women’s Budget Group, suggests that minority ethnic women are the hardest hit economically by austerity. So now is the time to amplify voices and share stories of successful black female owned businesses.”

The documentary features social media influencers, Freddie Harrel, and esteemed owners of British hair brands Almocado Naturals, The Afro Hair and Skin Company and Byooti.

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