The Black Lives Matter movement has been championing protests against unjust acts towards people of color, extremely, in the last few years. Not surprisingly, the cause is almost always met with opposition. That opposition presents itself in many forms including as lawmakers, law enforcement, lack of resources, fellow citizens and the “All Lives Matter” agenda.

In places like Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis, excessive police force is not uncommon. For some, like those in St. Louis, it has become more than too much and there’s one man who can be credited for the terror that has hovered over the city since the acquittal verdict of former officer Jason Shockley for the killing of Anthony Lamar Smith.

His name is Brian Rossomanno, and he is proud to be revered. The officer is the owner of a local security and training business 0311 Tactical, which he often uses to blur the lines between his employment with the police force and self-employment – which allows him to have free reign regarding tactics and measures against civilians. The self-proclaimed “Riot King” teaches his men to use brutally unnecessary physical force such as kettling on the job with no consequences.  

It’s no secret that these applied tactics are just too much and people are beginning to demand answers from the police department and the St. Louis city government. Legal actions have recently been taken by the American Civil Liberties Union for the unlawful, unconstitutional acts of police brutality during the protests that have been underway in recent years.

Though many complaints have arisen and people are calling for his resignation or termination, the city of St. Louis stands with Rossomanno and we cannot imagine why. Brian Rossomanno is a danger to society who must be stopped.