Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled her plan Wednesday to address the climate crisis via Medium, a forum she has used to announce many of her past proposals. In her blog post, the senator promised to invest one-third of her climate-focused spending on low-income communities at the frontline of environmental hazards, a total that could reach an estimated $1 trillion over the next decade.

Warren commented about the unequal environmental burdens placed on communities of color and low-income families and even quoted a study that showed that Black families are more likely to live in areas with high air pollution than white families.

"Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long," the Massachusetts senator wrote in the Medium post. “It is the result of multiple choices that put corporate profits before people, while our government looked the other way. It is unacceptable, and it must change.”

A condition of her plan involves directing the Environmental Protection Agency to better map environmental impacts on at-risk communities and mandating every federal agency to consider climate impacts when issuing permits and submitting rules.

"Climate action needs to be mainstreamed in everything the federal government does," Warren wrote in the Medium post. "But we also need a standard that requires the government to do more than merely 'assess' the environmental impact of proposed projects — we need to mitigate negative environmental impacts entirely." 

This post is not the first announcement of a climate plan from Warren's camp. She previously called for a moratorium to be placed on oil and gas drilling on public lands and a boost in green manufacturing jobs. The Massachusetts senator also largely adopted the policy positions of Gov. Jay Inslee, who centered much of his 2020 presidential campaign around the subject of climate change and dropped out of the race at the end of the summer.