Dr. Christine Balsey Ford testified at the second Brett Kavanaugh hearing Thursday. While Republican senators did not question Ford directly, Democratic senators did. During her turn, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made it clear she stands by Dr. Christine Balsey Ford, Talking Points Memo reports.

For more than five minutes, Harris spoke to Ford about her allegations against Kavanaugh. Ford wrote a letter to her congresswoman accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape while both were teens. Although Ford wanted to remain anonymous, her allegations were made public in a profile in the Washington Post mid- Septemeber. 

Ford recounted the alleged incident in detail before all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as a global television audience. A prosecutor practiced in cases of sexual assault asked Ford a pointed series of questions on behalf of the Republican senators while Democrats took turns questioning the doctor. 

When it was time for Harris to question Ford, she began by saluting the woman's courage and by offering a few words of encouragement. 

"You are not on trial," Harris told Ford. "You are not on trial."

The junior senator from California's comments came after a few tense back-and-forth exchanges between the Republicans' representative and Ford's lawyers.

"You are sitting here before the United States Judiciary Committee because you had the courage to come forward because as you have said you believe it was your civic duty," Harris said.

Many Democrats in the room used their time to make calls for an FBI investigation into the growing allegations against Kavanaugh, and Harris was no different.

"You have passed a polygraph and submitted the results to this committee. Judge Kavanaugh has not. You have called for outside witnesses to testify and for expert witnesses to testify. Judge Kavanaugh has not. But most importantly you have called for an independent FBI investigation into the facts. Judge Kavanaugh has not and we owe you that," Harris said.

In closing her statement, Harris told Ford, "You have been a true patriot in fighting for the best of who we are as a country. I believe you are doing that because you love this country, and I believe history will show that you are a true profile in courage at this moment in time in the history of our country."

You can see Harris' questioning below:

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