Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has reportedly left an unforgettable impression on the people of Iowa.

Harris traveled to the state on Monday to whip up support for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. As Iowa is the state that holds the nation's first presidential electoral event, it wasn't lost on observers that Harris' visit also seemed to lay the groundwork for a 2020 White House run.

During her speech, she urged Iowans to mobilize and vote for the Democratic Party, reports ABC News.

"This is a pivotal moment, and we’ve got 15 days to get this done," Harris said.

The Californian senator also promised the audience the country would survive the Trump era. "Let's also recognize," she said, "this moment at some point will pass. We will get beyond this, I promise you. We will get beyond this."

Her words galvanized her fans. Harris' national profile and standing within her party received boosts following her unrelenting questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate judiciary committee hearings.

“She was very strong,” supporter Myskal Kanietova told BuzzFeed News. “She can stay strong and be herself by staying dignified. Someone comes at her, and she has very strong comebacks.”

Despite her reluctance to explicitly confirm whether she will run for president, Harris’ supporters already see something in her they couldn’t find in two-time candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary was good one-on-one, but [Harris] connects with everyone,” said Gwendolyn Kingsbury. “She’s a powerful woman — she sucks you in. She just has this natural ability to connect with people.”

Another supporter referred to Harris as “the female Obama.”

“I think someone with her background — Obama was the same way. Just being who she is, she’s the image of who we want to be,” said the woman.

This trip could help Harris make a name for herself among unfamiliar voters. A poll showed 33 percent of 500 potential Democratic caucus members didn’t know who she was. Less than 1 percent of the caucus wasn't familiar with Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. A CNN poll currently places Harris as coming in third place behind Sanders and Biden for the 2020 elections.

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