Typically, when interning for a U.S. senator, you're paid in brag-worthy experience, not money. 

But Sen. Cory Booker is changing the way Washington D.C. does things. Last week, the Democratic New Jersey senator announced a new paid internship program in conjunction with non-profit organization Pay Our Interns (POI).  

"Everyone regardless of socioeconomic status deserves a chance to intern on Capitol Hill, and we thank Senator Cory Booker for being a leader on this issue," said POI founder Carlos Mark Vera. 

Not only will internships be available in D.C., there will be a number of paid internships located at his New Jersey offices.

A study conducted by POI shows not paying interns is a bipartisan issue. Nearly half of Republican senators pay their interns compared to only 32 percent of Democrats. Booker is one of a few senators that have forged a relationship with POI to increase the number of paid internships.

While the number of internships and how much an intern will earn has yet to be released, the press release suggests that interns will be given livable wages to accommodate them. Interning in D.C. isn't cheap. Most students are footing a bill upwards of $6,000 to intern in the city.  

Read the full press release below: 

Photo: POI