Serena Williams and her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. had the internet in fits of laughter after the tennis star shared a video showing the names her 4-year-old has given her dolls. In a TikTok captioned, "Tell me where you are from without telling me," Williams picked up three dolls and asked her daughter what their names were.

The first doll she named after herself, calling her "Olympia." Speaking of the second doll, Olympia appeared to refer to her as "Moo." But the third doll's name was likely not expected. Williams asked her daughter again what the name of this doll was, to which Olympia responded, "Sheneneh."

"Her name is Sheneneh girl," she added in a sassier tone. 

Williams captioned the video by jokingly writing, "What can I say?" The reference to the Martin character had some people in stitches, commenting that Williams must have "been watching Martin with the baby."

“That baby did not say Sha-nay-nay girrrll,” someone chimed in.

A third person joined in, adding, “Ohhhh she’s too funny! So cute.” 

"Lol I know das right! Shanaynay is in need of a silk press," someone wrote of the doll's hair.

As many fans of the show remember, Sheneneh was a character played by Martin Lawrence, who stayed across the hall from the comedian and was constantly getting into petty arguments with Martin's girlfriend Gina, played by Tisha Campbell, and Tichina Arnold's character, Pam.

As Blavity previously reported, Williams has been practicing the sport of tennis with her daughter. In a video shared to Instagram, the Grand Slam winner showed her daughter doing a warmup routine before showing off her forehand skills. Williams even shared with Olympia some valuable tennis lessons shared by her dad.