Overwatch League is coming. eSports have been blowing up for a while, and now Serena Williams is in on the action, too. Blizzard’s Overwatch is the title of choice for many gamers. And it’s great for recreational and competitive play.

So, naturally Blizzard had to jump into the eSports game.

And who better to bring the news to the people that Serena Slam Williams? In the promo, we follow the trajectory of a competitive gamer Krusher99. Their rise to fame, fall from grace and return to glory. Little do we know, it’s been Serena whipping that work the whole time.

The very first Overwatch League season will begin in 2017. In the preseason, Blizzard will hold a combine that allows the top players on leaderboards and competitive gamers to get noticed by a pro team and get signed. Any players signed in that period will receive a guaranteed contract. Each Overwatch team will represent major cities in different regions. Team announcements will be coming in the next few months.

This is literally the most lucrative time to become a gamer in the world. eSports is close to a billion dollar industry, gaining new sponsors and corporate investors every day. One day it stands to reason that competitive gaming will be one of the most profitable international sports in the world. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw more celebrities and athletes like Serena get involved. Former NBA players Shaquille O’Neal and Rick Fox already own an eSports team.

For more info about Overwatch League, go to overwatchleague.com.

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