A series of now-viral videos continue to circulate on social media showing real incidents of character performers at Sesame Place Philadelphia seemingly ignoring Black children who are visibly excited to meet their favorite television stars. In the first of the videos, two Black girls reach out to a performer dressed as Rosita when the character appears to reject the interaction. Immediately following the viral post, the park made a statement contrary to what social media commenters considered an act of racism, as Blavity previously reported.

However, soon after the release of that statement, more videos of other character performers appearing to ignore Black children began to appear. Sesame Place has since released an updated statement that speaks to an inherent need for performer training. But, for the impacted families whose excited children were not shown the proper attention from these characters, the damage is already done.

To explore the potential long-term effects of such incidents, Blavity sat down with Jaime Hilton, LCSW, a domestic adoption social worker who focuses on attachment concerns with children and families.