Dr. Dabber, a vaping company specializing in marijuana, is offering an endorsement opportunity for Sha'Carri Richardson

"We were saddened to learn of your recent suspension from the US Track and Field team, due to THC and missing the opportunity to compete at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games," the company said in a letter to Richardson. "At Dr. Dabber, we believe that THC can actually have many positive effects on an athlete's recovery and overall mental wellbeing."

The letter, obtained by TMZ, offers $250,000 to serve as an ambassador for Dr. Dabber.

"Witnessing what you're capable of in the Olympic trials and how fabulous you looked while doing it, proved your star-power and ability to command the country's attention," the brand stated.

"Considering your talent and grace over these past weeks, we would love to offer you the opportunity to work with our team as a spokesperson for Dr. Dabber. This entails testing our award-winning electronic dab rigs and vape pens as a resident 'doctor," they continued.  

Dr. Dabber made another high-profile decision last month when it dropped actor Kyle Massey who was serving as an ambassador of the brand. The decision came after the former child star faced charges for alleged sexual communication with a minor, TMZ reported

Richardson hasn't confirmed her decision on the company's offer.

As Blavity previously reported, the track star has received backlash since testing positive for cannabis, which is considered a performance-enhancing drug in the Olympics. At the same time, the 21-year-old garnered support from various sources including Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland).

Actor Anthony Mackie also spoke up for Richardson while hosting the ESPY Awards on Saturday.

"USA Track & Field: How you mess it up, dog?" the actor said. "How do you justify banning Sha'Carri Richardson for smoking weed? Weed is a de-hancing drug – it doesn't make you do anything, but want to watch another episode of Bob's Burgers. You never saw Snoop Dogg run anywhere! I don't know how you justify not letting her run."