The family of Shanquella Robinson is outraged after learning U.S. law enforcement will not charge anyone with her death. This decision has left them to consider a civil lawsuit in hopes of justice. 

TMZ spoke to the mother and sister of the deceased about how their family is coping after a decision by U.S. officials to close the case on their loved one’s death, with no one being held accountable. 

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the Charlotte sector of the FBI handled the case with authorities in Cabo, Mexico.

The 25-year-old’s mother, Sallamondra, and sister, Quella, are as devastated as they are confused. They revealed to TMZ the results of the investigations completed in the U.S. and Mexico were “vastly different.”

Her death while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas in October 2022 resulted in two autopsies. According to the one there, Mexican officials reported her cause of death was “severe spinal cord injury” and “instability of her vertebrae.” The outlet added this suggested the young woman experienced trauma.

The family told TMZ the U.S. authorities did their autopsy once Robinson’s body was shipped home. According to the outlet, they admitted that there was “swelling in her brain,” but reported the cause of death was “inconclusive.”

The widely circulated video of Robinson being attacked showed her being punched in the head and dropped on her neck. So the family feels the Mexican officials’ theory is the most logical.

Blavity reported that the family’s legal team is being led by famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation).

After the ruling, Sue-Ann stated the U.S. officials relying on their less acute and delayed autopsy “is a discrepancy that has yet to be properly explained.”

Sue-Ann told TMZ that justice for Shanquella was not served, at the fault of U.S. prosecutors. She added the family is not accepting the decision of the investigation and said they “will continue to seek ways to pursue criminal charges.”

The family has previously met with President Joe Biden and will continue to pursue his intervention and press other government officials for assistance in getting the answers they deserve.

Getting the U.S. Attorney’s Office involved is the next step needed to reopen Robinson’s case criminally.

TMZ reported the family was offered the option to exhume her body for a third opinion, which they state is still an option.

Family members are also not ruling out taking civil legal action against the individuals that vacationed with her. They know the friends last seen with her before her death and believe they know more than they told officials.