The Colorado Buffaloes won their game against Colorado State with a 43-35 double-overtime win over the weekend.

“We showed that we were resilient. We showed that we would fight,” coach Deion Sanders said, according to ESPN. “We showed that we had no surrender or give up in us, and that’s a lot for a team that’s fairly new.”

Celebrities came out en masse to support the game, opposing the Buffaloes to the Rams. These were some of the best moments, from planned and improvised performances to words of encouragement.

Lil Wayne brought out the Buffaloes with a performance. The rapper gave a 20-minute performance at Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff pregame show. He also brought the team onto the field, sending fans into a frenzy.

“You mean to tell me Lil Wayne is at a college game performing before the game,” Sanders said on ESPN’s College GameDay, according to CNN. “This is unbelievable, this is what college is supposed to be… all the kids are having a good time… I love it 100%. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying life, coaching my sons in a beautiful city. The weather is impeccable. I ain’t got nothing to be mad at.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was one of the celebrities in attendance at the game. He praised Sanders on the set of GameDay.

“Coach Prime is changing the face of college football, and he’s doing it his way but he’s also doing it in a way that is galvanizing not only a town in Boulder, Colorado, but also galvanizing an entire country,” Johnson said.

The sentiment nearly brought the coach to tears.

“You’re going to make me cry, man,” Sanders replied, jokingly adding, “All recruits, did you hear what he said?”

Migos rapper Offset had a stacked weekend. Not only did he participate in one of Kai Cenat’s 24-hour livestreams. He was also one of the celebrities in attendance. He hyped the crowd during the game and played table tennis against Master P on the sidelines.


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Shedeur Sanders helped his team secure a victory. Buffalo’s quarterback and Deion Sanders’ youngest son led the team to a win by forcing overtime and scoring two touchdowns.

“I knew, even when we got the ball on the two or three or four-yard line. I said, ‘As long as the ball is in Shedeur’s hands, we’re gonna get down this field. I knew that without a shadow of a doubt,” his father said, according to On3.

Rapper Key Glock gave an impromptu performance in the locker rooms to celebrate the team’s win.