Two sisters and their cousin gave birth within 24 hours of each other at the same hospital in New Jersey last week. To make the miracle even more spectacular, all three babies were delivered by the same doctor.

According to WPVI-TV, the births occurred at a hospital in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County. Baby No. 1, a boy, was born at 10:32 a.m. on July 26 to Pagliery Cabrera Nin. Baby No. 2, another boy, was born at 1:47 p.m. that same day, to cousin Jankelly Abreu and the newborn’s mother, Anais Garcia Perez. And last but not least, baby No. 3, a girl, was born to Keydy Cepeda, Pagliery Cabrera Nin’s sister, at 6:37 a.m. on July 27.

Cepeda recalled her labor starting shortly after learning her sister and cousin had given birth.

“They all gave birth, and then hours later, after I heard that they were giving birth, the pain started,” she told WPVI-TV.

The three didn’t know they’d give birth so close together. Cabrera Nin told the outlet that when they each found out about their pregnancies, they tried to keep it a secret.

“In November, she called me to tell me, ‘Oh I have news for you, I’m pregnant and don’t tell anyone,'” she explained, WPVI-TV reported. “And I said ‘I’m pregnant too,’ so it was in December that all the families were together, and then she said ‘I’m pregnant too.'”

The family’s rapid expansion must be a whirlwind for everyone, especially the infants’ grandmother. Garcia Perez, who birthed baby No. 2, told WPVI-TV that the children are three of many new babies in the family.

“His sister had a baby, his brother had a baby, we had a baby, she had a baby, and then his cousin had a baby, so there are six new grandkids for their grandma,” she said, according to WPVI-TV.

Cepeda, Nin and Garcia Perez were all set to return home from the hospital on Saturday.