By now, Azealia Banks is likely more familiar to audiences for being embroiled in Twitter beefs and controversy than her actual music. Tuesday was no different, as the rapper called out former One Direction member Zayn Malik for copying looks from a music video of hers in his latest video. She hurled homophobic and racial insults at Malik in response, eventually taking it to Periscope.

For the culture, Disney star Skai Jackson took to Twitter, with thoughts that most people probably had in mind.

Then a full-on Twitter battle took place between the 24-year-old rapper and 14-year-old Disney star.

“Fix ur life” – Skai Jackson, 2016.

Some of the tweets included Jackson reading Banks on how she portrays black women.

Skai advanced in the verbal jabs with pun of the year.

The “Jessie” star single-handedly annihilated Banks on Twitter using IG stats against her.

But she wasn’t finished yet, bringing attention to the state of Azealia’s edges.

At this point, Skai is doing her community a service by helping a fellow entertainer’s career.

The reactions to Jackson’s read of Banks quickly escalated and are absolutely hilarious!

In memoriam.

Let’s go ahead and put Skai in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Maybe Camp Disney is just breeding its stars differently nowadays?

For some, it was just another day of Azealia antics on Twitter.

But you mean to tell us, it took all this time for someone to serve Azealia a plate of shade like that?

Next time we turn to Disney Channel, Skai will have her own personalized introductory greeting.

Maybe next time Azealia will think before she tweets, eh?

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