Several Raising Cane's customers received a big surprise last week when they pulled up to the drive-thru window and saw Snoop Dogg handing out orders. According to Today, the "Drop It Like It's Hot" artist was in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for one of the stops on his album promotion tour. His new studio project, Algorithm, is scheduled to drop on Nov. 19.


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A spokesperson for the restaurant told the outlet that Snoop is a "HUGE Caniac."

Belle Nash, a University of Arkansas student, and her roommate who visited the Raising Cane's, told Today when they arrived at the drive-thru that afternoon, they weren't expecting to see the rapper at the window. They recorded the interaction in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

"I turned, I look, see that it's Snoop Dogg," Nash recalled, laughing. "And we're just like completely at a loss for words because it was so random. Like, we weren't expecting anything at all. Also, we live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. So, like, we were not expecting any celebrities to be here."

"We were just in shock like the whole way home and started playing (his) songs and were just screaming, like, 'What just happened? What just happened? That was crazy,'" she continued. "Everyone knows who he is."

As she and her roommate were stuck in complete shock, she said the rapper was "so kind" to them as he helped them. 

"We were obviously freaking out and he was like … 'It's OK, baby. It's OK, baby,'" she said. "He's just super cool, very kind."

The local Raising Cane's wasn't the only stop Snoop made while visiting the college town. KATV reports the BMF star also sat down with University of Arkansas men's basketball coach Eric Musselman. Musselman, who posted a picture of the two on Twitter, said he and the rapper engaged in a discussion about the great players to come through the school's basketball program and their hopes to add a new "passenger to the bus."